Nupur Joshi: I believe we all are spiritual beings

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani actress Nupur Joshi says the concept of spirituality might differ from one person to another, but she believes we all are spiritual beings.

“Spirituality for me serves as a purpose to find my grounds, something which is over and above myself. Spirituality to each is different, for some it may be chanting mantra or doing pooja vidhi vidhan at the same time, for some it can simply be staying grounded or helping someone to feel worthy again. I believe we all are spiritual beings,” she said.

According to her, you may believe in God or an unknown supreme power, but in both the cases, it exhorts you to treat fellow men and women with compassion. “It also teaches you the power of karma which is nothing but cause and effect,” she explained.

She thinks that life has been really kind to her. “I feel really elated in life even with the smallest blessings,” said Nupur, who is a classical dancer in pursuit. “My routine involves spending time in prayers both morning and evening, and my prayers are all about gratitude and forgiveness that I seek for my actions. And also blessings for everyone,” she said.

According to her, guru is a pathfinder in everyone’s life.”We must have one, it can be a person or an ideology! I believe in karma and good health. And when I say health, I mean both mental and physical well-being,” she said.

Asked who is the epitome of a spiritual person, she said, “For me, it’s neither a single person specific nor any religion or ritual specific. In my life I experience the epitome in waves of ideology and good deeds, and that is created and experienced all the time.”

The pandemic has made her more compassionate and spiritual. “It has not only made me compassionate, but has also given me a broader perspective towards happiness and well-being. Everyone has their reasons for what they do. Never judge.”

As for her idea of peace and happiness, she shared, “Sometimes you have to just let it pass, and sometimes you have to fight it back! The balance between these two holds the ground of peace and happiness!”

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